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The Rubric, POWER love of, is the one of the interesting rubric which is closed associated with the rubric “DICTATORIAL”. So, we can discuss and understand about the above rubrics.

POWER love of;

Dictionary Meaning of Power:

1.                    An ability to control people and events.  
2.                    the amount of political control a person or group has in a country.
3.                    Strength.
4.                    Official rights:  a. an official or legal right to do something.
5.                    Authority.
6.                    Electricityespecially when considering its use or production
7.                    A natural skill or an ability to do something.
8.                    Person with control:  a person, organization, or country that has control over others , often because of wealth, importance, or great military strength

Meaning of Love:

1.    To like another adult very much and be romantically and sexually attracted to them, or to have strong feelings of liking a friend or person in your family.
2.    To like something very much.
3.    Used, often in requests, to say that you would very much like something.

Explanation: 1. tending to issue order or commands, to issue authoritatively. Great desire and ability to control or compel others. He has the capability of influencing people, to be spokesmen or leader, yet he is unable to do so. They are very much eager to command power. Due to his love for power he can merge to have false respect and regards as such cannot implement it.

2. Love of the possession of control or command over others; dominion; authority; ascending of influence.

Cross Reference:

Anger, contradiction from
Censorious, critical
Contradiction, intolerance, of
Delusions, better than others that he is
Delusions, creative power, has
Delusions, diminished; everything in room is, while she is tall and elevated.
Delusions, distinguished, is
Delusions, great person, he is
Delusions, prince, is a
Delusions, queen or king, he is
Delusions, superhuman; is
Delusions, superiority, of
Egotism, self-esteem
Haughty, pride
Reproaches, others

Important Remedy: LYC

Dr. J.T.Kent has given “ LYC” only in his repertory. And the rubric is classified as,’ Dictatorial, power, love of ; in the Essential Synthesis repertory along with the remedy “LYC “ only.


Dictionary Meaning:
1.       Typical of a ruler with total power.
2.       Having or showing an autocratic manner.


1.       A person wants to behave like a dictator and autocrat, wants to give orders. Even in the paediatric age group a child enjoys dictating terms to his parents.
2.       People who dominate. They find it difficult to accept others’ authority. Authoritative.

Cross Reference:
Answers, dictatorial censorious, critical
Censorious, critical
Contradict, disposition to
Contradiction, intolerant of
Dictatorial, Dogmatic
Power, love of
Reproaches others
Suggestion, will not receive

There are 41 remedies were given in the repertory “The Essential Synthesis” as under;

allox anac  apis aran-ix arn ars aur calc-s camph carc caust cham  CHEL chin  CICH con cupr  DULC  FERR ferr-acet ferr-c FL-AC kali-c LACH  LIL-T  LYC   med MERC NUX-V  PALL PHOS PLAT puls sep SIL stram sul-ac SULPH thuj verat vitis-v.

However , there are following 88 remedies  have been given in “Complete Dynamics”.

abrot allox anac ANDROC apis arn ars aur aur-m-n aur-s bacch-a bamb-a bar-s bell borag bute-j CAMPH caul CAUST cer cer-c cer-o cham CHEL chin chir-f chlam-t CICH con cupr dpt DULC dysp-s falco-p FERR ferr-acet ferr-c FL-AC gall-ac gink graph harp herin hoch hyos ignis impa-w kali-br kali-c kali-i kola lac-eq lac-h lac-leo LACH lava-f LIL-T lut LYC lyss mag-c med MERC mill NUX-V oxyg ozon PALL PHOS PLAT plut-n polyst querc-r salx-f scorp sep stoi-k succ SULPH tax thuj THYMOL thyr uran vani-p verat verbe-h x-ray

It is need not to mention here that so many new remedies were added in the modern repertories due to by the vast experience of intelligent homeopaths throughout world.

Now, we can understand the individual remedy.

ANDROCTONUS ( ANDROC) : Wants to control others. The remedy has a self-centred egotism, as well as being dictatorial. It may have a feeling of being totally alone in the world with a tendency to isolation, with a feeling that the rest of the world were mad - not her.

ARNICA (ARN): He knows best. He tried hard to convince himself and others that he is not a nobody. He is dictatorial because he is convinced of the use. He will say,” You have to do it this way, because so it is useful”. Utility is important here. He does not want to be treated when sick. He wants to do it himself. You do not have to interfere. “Mind your own business , I will do it with myself”. He has also aversion to be touched.

ARSENICUM ALBUM(ARS):  He is very dictatorial and has the feeling of insecurity of loneliness, of being isolated. He sees the world as threatening and chaotic to which he reacts by Dictatorial. He tries to be perfect and he expects the same thing of the others.

AURUM METALLICUM (AUR): AUR patients can be dictatorial in a certain way. Dictatorial is connected with the haughtiness , aurum-gold, the noble metal, the sun.

CAMPHORA (CAMPH): Corresponds to authoritarian personalities, jealous individuals who fear neither God nor humankind [sometimes even driven to murder, if need be]. Even though they have chosen to 'live by the sword,' they still fear death." [Grandgeorge].

CAUSTICUM (CAUST):  Initially he is not dictatorial. You find him under weeping out of sympathy for others. Sympathetic, full of cares, cautious. He is rather pliable and helpful but because of misfortune he gets harder and behaves in a dictatorial way. It can go to the extreme , he become very aggressive. That is also a MERCURIOUS symptoms.

CHAMOMILLA (CHAM): Here correctness is important. “ That is right, that is how it has to be, and that is according to the rules.

CHELIDONIUM (CHEL): He is simply bossy, a harsh ruler who will not retract. It is not exactly clear why he is bossy.

CHINA (CHIN):  He is dictatorial because he experiences others as obstacles for his plans. He is also afraid they will notice his stupidity. After a while he recognizes his own stupidity because he is full of plans in the evening, and afterwards , in the morning , he realises how useless and worthless they are. When this happens a few times, you will start wondering if your brain functions properly. He also  dictatorial out of suspicion. He does not trust anybody. “They are all against me, they all cross my plans. If that is the way I will bear it in mind. I will make sure nobody will obstruct me any more.” So he is dictatorial.

CONIUM (CON):  Because he wants to be the first and the best.

CUPRUM METTALLICUM ( CUPR) :  This is very special. It is often somebody who has been forced to leave his humble position, peaceful life, in order to take more responsibility. He finds he is not suited for it. He starts being dictatorial so that he can convince himself and others that the promotion was the correct thing to do. With CUPR , you have to think of cramps also in the mind. Making efforts. He is making effort to convince and overtrump himself and others.

DULCAMARA (DULC): Inclination to scold without being angry. Being dictatorial in a motherly way. Women who are too much worried for the husband.  For example, they tell them what to say on a general meeting.

FERRUM METALLICUM (FERR): He is always want to be in the right. He is dictatorial because he thinks he is right. He is within his right. He is the indefatigable polemist who wants to impose his opinion and reasoning on others. With FERR, you have to look for disposition to contradict, intolerant of contradiction and conscientious about trifles. He is not yet fast enough. Everything has to proceed into the smallest details in his way of thinking. He is quite set in his habit. FERR means rust iron, inflexible. Think of the  inflexibility of the iron.

LYCOPODIUM (LYC): He feels that if he remain small , his survival will be difficult . Therefore his total effort is directed towards becoming big, being more powerful and reaching on the top. He can employ any means to achieve it. He can dictate, dominate and even can be political. Here it is boasting . The man with the big mouth and the little heart.

NUXVOMICA  (NUX-V) : He is a hard task master; he loves power so that he can utilize his power to get obstacles out of his way.

MERCURIOUS (MERC): The position of power is being threatened . They want to hold to power at any cost, but they feel that they are being threatened. This makes them over react in an effort to maintain control. They become dictatorial and will not tolerate any contradiction or insult. He is the revolutionary who wants to get order out of a chaotic world. He becomes a police man. He wants to be everything perfect. He looks for perfection in everything. Things have to be orderly, according to the book, according to the law. He is very militaristic with it, linear thinking . If it is not possible in that way , then with violence. If necessary he is able to kill. He does not start this way , it is something that grows.

PLANTINA (PLAT): She does not too much energy in her being dictatorial. She does not care whether you listen or not. To her you are small fry. She finds it only normal that you follow her. When you do not, you are foolish. So she is dictatorial, but it is natural to her. You will never hear her say that she finds herself arrogant or that she thinks highly of herself. To her it is only normal that she is like this. She is extremely arrogant. You already feel uncomfortable when she enters a room. They are large, long, skinny people with high foreheads, brown or rust hair. Most often they are homosexuals. They try everything. In the long run even heterosexual is not enough any more, and they become perverse and homosexual.

SULPHUR (SULPH): He feels that power would satisfy his ego and honour.

VERATRUM ALBUM (VERAT): He misuses power. He covets power. And when he has it he misuses it. He wants to have power over somebody else. In this way he is dictatorial. He will do whatever possible things for retaining his social position.

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