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1.Remedies for diagonal complaints?
                  Upper left & lower right - Agaricus, Ant tart, Stram
                  Upper right & lower left - Ambra, Bromium, Medorrhinum, Phosphorus, Sulph ac.

2.Name  drugs having hot head and cold feet during fever ? Aconite, Belladonna, Arnica.

3. Give remedies for marasmus with ravenous appetite?
                  Abrotanum, Nat mur, Iodum, Tuberculinum, Sanicula.

4. Remedies for spulttering diarrhoea and noisy flatus?  Croton tig, Gambogia, Thuja.

5. Give remedies for early morning diarrhoea (5 am)?
                 Aloe, Nat sulph, Podo, Psor, Rumex, Sulphur.

6. Name remedies which has diarrhoea immediately after eating & drinking?   Aloe, Croton tig.

7. Name remedies who have the sensation passing stool while passing flatus ?
                 Aloe, Oleander, Nat mur, Mur ac, Phosphoric acid, Iodum, Podophyllum.

8. Name remedies for time passes slowly ?
                Alumina, Cannabis indica, Arg nit, Nux moschata, Medorrhinum

8b. Name remedies where  time passes too quickly  ?  Theridion.

9. Remedies where even soft stool  requires great straining ?
                 Anacardium, Platina, Nux moschata, Silicea, Veratrum.

10. Remedies for constipation from inactive of rectum ?           Alumina, Sepia, Opium, Plumbum.

11. Give remedies for exhausting/debilitating menses ? Alumina, Carbo animalis, Cocculus indicus.

12. Remedy for profuse leucorrhoea  running down to heels ?   Alumina, Syphilinum.

13. Give remedies for agg. New/full moon ?  Alumina, Silicea.

14. Name remedies which can not pass urine in the presence of others?Nat mur, Hepar, Muriatic acid.

15. Give drugs for leucorrhoea  at night ?    Ambra grisea, Causticum, Mercurius, Nitric acid.

16. Give remedies for snuffles of infants ?
                Ammon carb, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Sambucus, Sticta, Hepar sulph

17. Remedies for early morning cough (3 am ) ?  Ammon carb, Kali carb.

18. Give drugs which have cholera like symptoms  at the commencement of menses ?
                 Ammon carb, Bovista, Verat album.

19. Menstrual flow only at night ?    Bovista, Kreosote, Verat alb, Mag carb, Ammon mur.

20. Menstrual flow only at day ?    Cactus, Causticum, Carbo animalis

21. Menstrual flow ceases on lying down ?  Bovista, Cactus, Causticum, Lit tig.

22. Menstrual flow only on lying down ?  Ammon mur, Kreosote, Mag carb.

23. Give remedies for stool s crumbling at the verge of anus ?
                Ammon mur, Mag mur, Nat mur, Sanicula.

23. Burning and stinging hours after stools ?
                Aesculus, Ammon mur, Sulph, Nitric acid.

24. Give drugs for leucorrhoea like the white of an egg ?
                Alumina, Ammon mur, Borax, Calc phos.

25. Give remedies for fear of examination or examination funk ?
                Aethusa cynapium, Anacardium, Gelsemium, Argentum nitricum

26. Give remedies for desire to curse and swear ?    Anacardium, Lac can, Lil tig, Nitric acid.

27. Give remedies for sensation of hoop or band around part ?
               Anacardium, Cactus, Carbo-animalis, Sulph.

28. Give remedies for all gone sensation in stomach relieved by eating ?
               Anacardium, Chelidonium, Iodum, Phosphorus, Sepia.

29. Remedies having malignant blue-black blisters ?   Anthracinum, Lachesis, Pyrogen.

30. Give remedies for children who do not wish to be spoken to ?
               Antim crud, Antimonium tart, Chamomilla, Iodum, Silicea.

31. Give remedies for diarrhoea alternating with constipation ?
               Antim crud, Antim tart, Nux vom, Podophyllum, Sulphur, Chelidonium, Verat album

32. Give remedies for aversion to bathing ?    Ammon carb, Antim crud, Sulphur   

33. Give remedies having agg. from sun ?
                Antim crud, Nat carb, Nat mur, Lachesis, Glonoine.

34. Give remedies for graving for apples ?   Antim Tart, Aloe, Guaicum, Tellurium.

35. Give remedies having  constant drowsiness  or irresistible desire to sleep ?
                Antim Tart, Nux mosch, Opium.

36. Give remedies having shrill , piercing screams in children while waking or sleeping ?
                Apis, Helleborus.

37. Give remedies for afternoon chill  or chill at 3 pm ?   Apis, Chin sulph, Thuja.

38. Remedies for  chill between   3  to 4 pm ?    Lycopodium, Thuja

39. Give remedies for cough excited by laughing ?
                Argentum met, Drosera, Phosphorus, Spongia, Stannum.

40. Give remedies for hoarseness of public speakers or singers ?
                Arum triphyllum, Argentum met, Alumina, Caust, Coca.

41. Remedies in a great hurry (Hurried ) ? Argentum nit, Sulphuric acid, Medorrhinum.

42. Remedies having anticipatory anxiety ?   Argentum nit, Gelsemium, Lycopodium, Silicea.

43. Remedies having stools green like chopped spinach ?
                         Argentum nitricum, Chamomilla, Mag carb.

43b. Give remedies for eye strain from sewing ?   Argentum nitricum, Nat mur, Ruta

44. Give remedy where unconsciousness returns before completing the answers ?   Baptisia.

45. Name remedies having sore ,lame, bruised  feeling ?
                       Arnica, Baptisia, Hamamelis, Rhus tox, Ruta, Pyrogen.

46. Remedies having sore ,lame, bruised  feeling better by motion ? Arnica, Rhus tox.

47. Give remedies for restlessness ? Arsenic album, Arnica, Rhus tox, Zinc, Tarentula

48. Give remedies for burning pains ? Arsenic album, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Apis.

49. Remedies for fastidiousness ?
                      Arsenic album, Nux vomica, Graphites, Carcinosin.

50. Remedies having suicidal thoughts  or disposition ? Aurum met, Naja.

51. Give remedies where patient can see only the left half ? Lycopodium, Lithium carb.

52. Give remedies which can swallow  liquids only ?  Baptisia, Baryta carb, Silicea.

53.  Give remedies which can swallow solids only ?  Lachesis.

54. Give remedies for delusion that she is two or three persons ?  Baptisia, Petroleum.

55. Remedies having offensive foot sweat ?
                     Alumina, Baryta carb, Calc carb, Graphites, Silicea, Nitric acid, Psorinum, Sanicula

56. Give remedies having aggravation from shining objects ?
                     Belladonna, Lyssinum, Hyoscyamus, Stram.

57. Remedies having offensive urine of the odor of horses urine ?    Benzoic acid, Nitric acid.

58. Give drugs for right sided renal colic ?  Lycopodium, Nux vom, Ocimum, Sarsaparilla.

59. Give drugs for left sided renal colic ?  Berberis vulgaris, Tabacum.
60. Give remedies for gastralgia  amel. Pending  backwards ?  Bismuth, Dioscorea.

61.  Give remedies for gastralgia  amel. Pending  forwards ?   Colocynth, Mag Phos.

62. GIVE REMEDIES WHO DESIRE COMPANY ?Lycopodium, Bismuth, Stram, Gels, Kali carb, Lil tig.

62. REMEDIES having aversion to COMPANY ?
                         Anacardium, Aurum, Cham, Ignatia, Nat mur, Antim crud, Antim tart.

63. Remedies having aggravation downward motion ? Borax, Gelsemium, Sanicula

64. Name important remedies for aphthae ?
                        Borax, Mercurius, Antim crud, Argentum nit, Sulph.

65. Remedies for child cries before urination ?  Borax, Lycopodium, Sarsaparilla, Sanicula

66. Remedies for trace of menses between menstruation ?    Borax, Bovista

67. Drugs for headache from constipation ?  Aloe, Bryonia, Collinsonia, Opium.

68. Remedies for vicarious menstruation ?
                        Bryonia, Phosphorus, Ferrum, Hamamelis, Pulsatilla.

69. Remedies who have a tendency to handle genital organs ?  Bufo, Hyoscyamus, Zinc.

70. Drugs for impotence where there is relaxed penis with sexual excitement ?
                        Caladium, Lycopodium, Selenium

71. Name remedies that have cold surface but can not tolerate covering ?
                        Camphor, Secale cor, Medorrhinum.

72. Remedy for grinding teeth at night ? Cannabis indica.

73. Remedies which desire to be fanned ?
                        Carbo veg & Medorrhinum - desire to be fanned hard
                        Lachesis - desires to be fanned slowly & from a distance.

74. Remedies having  graving for whisky or alcohol ?
                        Carbolic acid, Asarum, Nux vom, Sulphur, Sulphuric acid, Syphilinum, Caladium.

75. Give remedies for warts bleeding easily ? Causticum, Nitric acid.

76. Children want to be carried ?
                        Chamomilla, Cina. However Cina child desires to be rocked.

77. Remedies for toothache <warm,> cold things in mouth ?
                         Chamomilla, Bismuth, Bryonia, Coffea, Pulsatilla.

78. Remedies for toothache during pregnancy ? Calcarea carb, Chamomilla, Mag carb, Sepia.   

79. Give remedies for convulsions in children from anger in mother ?  Chamomilla, Nux vomica.

80. Remedies for hard stools,  round ball like sheep’s dung ? Chelidonium, Opium, Plumbum.

81. Mucus flies from mouth when coughing –Remedies ?   Chelidonium, Kali carb, Badiaga.

82. Remedies having depression or pessimistic attitude?    Aurum, Actea racemosa, Phosphoric acid.

83. Remedies for false labor like pains ?  Actea racemosa, Caulophyllum, Pulsatilla.

84. Remedies for rheumatism for typing, sewing and piano-playing ?
                         Actea racemosa, Agaricus, Ranunculus bulbosus.

85. Give remedies with graving for indigestive things?
                         Alumina, Calcarea Carb, Cicuta, Psorinum, Nitric acid.

86. Remedy flatulence  > belching ?    Carbo veg.

87. Give remedy for bad effects of mountain climbing and ,ballooning ? Coca.

88. Remedy for instant or prompt production of voice (Loss of voice) ?  Coca.

89. Drugs having  headache > bending head backwards ? Cocculus indicus, Belladonna

90. Remedies for ill effects of night watching ?
                        Cocculus indicus, Colchicum, Causticum, Nitric acid, Phosphoric acid.

91. Remedies for leucorrhoea instead of menses ?
                        Cocculus, Iodum, Nux mosch, Sepia, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla.

92. Remedies for leucorrhoea during pregnancy ? Cocculus, Kali carb, Sepia.

93. Remedies for travelling sickness ?
                         Sea sickness  -  Cocculus indicus, Petroleum, Tabacum, Theridion.
                         Air sickness  -  Belladonna, Coca.

94. Remedies for <  from smell of cooking food? Colchicum, Arsenic album, Sepia.

95. Remedies for piles with sensation of stick in rectum ?
                         Aesculus hippocastanum, Collinsonia.

96. Remedies for sciatica according to sides ?
                         Left sided  - Causticum, Colocynth
                         Right sided - Gnaphaelium, Lycopodium, Phytolacca, Dioscorea

97. Vertigo on opening eyes or on looking backward on rising?  Tabacum.

98. Vertigo on closing eyes?  Theridion, Lachesis, Thuja.

99. Remedies for menses suppressed from putting hand s in cold water ?
                        Conium, Lac defloratum

100. Remedies for enlarged,  painful breasts before and during menstruation ?
                        Conium, Kali carb, Lac caninum.

101. Remedies for states going from greatest hilarity to deepest despondency ?
                           Crocus sativa, Ignatia, Nux moschata.

102. Remedies for smooth , polished tongue ? Crotalus horridus, Pyrogen.

103. Remedies for mapped tongue ?
                           Nat mur, Rhus tox, Taraxacum, Lachesis, Arsenic album, Kali bich.

104. Remedies for strawberry  tongue ?Belladonna.

105. Remedies for  tongue with red tip ? Rhus tox, Arsenic album, Argentum nit.

106. Cough > drinking cold water ?  Cuprum met, Causticum.

107.  Cough< drinking cold water ?  Spongia.

108. Remedy for headache < bending head backwards?  Glonoine.

109. Remedies for cough as soon as head touches pillow ?
                        Drosera, Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Rumex.

110. Remedies for warts back of hands and fingers?  Dulcamara, Thuja.

111. Remedies for warts on palms and hands ? Nat mur, Anacardium, Ruta.

112. Remedies for severe pain at the end of urination ?
                        Berberis vulgaris, Sarsaparilla, Equisetum, Thuja.

113. Remedy for sensation as if legs are floating ?  Sticta.

114. Remedies for menses lasting for a  day only ?
                        Euphrasia, Sepia, Alumina, Argentum nitricum, Apis, Psorinum

115. Vertigo when crossing a  bridge-Remedies ?   Ferrum met, Lyssin

116. Remedies for vertigo on descending ?   Ferrum met, Borax, Sanicula.

117. Remedy for graving eggs?  Calcarea carb

118. Remedies for headache  preceded by blindness ?  Gelsemium, Kali bichromicum, Natrum mur

119. Remedy for blindness during headache?  Lac defloratum.

120. Remedy for blindness after headache?  Silicea.

121.Remedies for sensation of band around head ?
                          Carbolic acid, Gelsemium, Sulphur, Nitric acid, Anacardium.

122. Remedies for Headache > smoking ?   Carbolic acid, Naja.

123. Remedies for < thinking of complaints ?
                           Oxalic acid, Gelsemium, Baryta carb, Calcarea phos, Helonias, Lil tig.

124. Remedies for > thinking of complaints ?  Camphor, Helleborus.

125. Remedies < 10-11 am ?  Gelsemium, Natrum mur, Sepia.

126. Remedies for > continued motion ?  Ferrum met, Rhus tox, Pulsatilla, Gelsemium, Sepia

127. Remedies for sun headache ?   Belladonna, Gelsemium, Glonoine, Natrum carb, Nat mur

128. Remedies for menstrual headache ?
                Actea racemosa, Cyclamen, Glonoine, Lachesis, Natrum mur, Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Sepia.

129. Remedies for menses delayed from getting feet wet ?  Graphites, Pulsatilla.

130. Chilly remedies who can not bear to be covered ?  Hepar sulph, Nux vom, Psorinum.

131. Vertigo on looking upwards ?  Pulsatilla, Silicea

132. Remedies for skin sensitive to touch ?   Hepar sulph, Lachesis, Nux vomica, Phosphorus.

133. Remedy which is sensitive to slightest touch but hard pressure relieves ?  Cinchona.

134. Name remedies who are >  in damp wet weather ? Hepar sulph, Causticum, Nux vomica.

135. Remedies which  are <  in damp wet weather ?
                           Nat sulph, Dulcamara, Rhus tox, Calcarea carb, Petroleum, Phytolacca.

136. Remedies for consolation < ?  Helleborus, Ignatia, Nat mur, Sepia, Silicea, Graphites, Lil tig.

137. Remedies for consolation > ?   Pulsatilla.

138. Remedies for stitches in rectum with haemorrhoids ?  Aesculus, Ignatia, Sulphur.

139. Remedies for pains which appear & disappear suddenly ?
                           Belladonna, Mag Phos, Kali bich, Ignatia.

140. Remedies for swelling under the eyes ?  Apis mel.

141. Remedies for pains in downward direction ? Kalmia, Cactus.

142. Remedies for pains in upward direction ?  Ledum, Sepia.

143. Remedies for pains with numbness ?  Aconite, Chamomilla, Kalmia, Platina

144. Remedies for enuresis in first sleep ?  Kreosote, Sepia, Causticum.

145. Remedies for pain in throat extending to ears ?  Hepar sulph, Kali bich, Mercurius, Lac can.

146. Remedies to dry up milk ? Lac caninum, Asafoetida, Thyroidinum, Urtica urens.

147. Remedies to bring back or increase flow of milk ?  Lac defloratum.

148. Remedies for menses suppressed bu putting hands in cold water ?  Conium, Lac defloratum.

149. Remedies for climacteric affections with hot flushes ?
                           Lachesis, Sulphur, Sanguinaria, Amyl nitrate.

150. Remedies for religious insanity ?  Lachesis, Stramonium, Veratrum album.

151. Remedies which have > during menstrual flow ? Cyclamen, Lachesis, Zinc, Mag phos.

152. Remedies which have breathing arrested as soon as patient falls asleep ?
                           Lachesis, Ammon carb, Grindelia, Lac caninum, Opium

153. Flatulence marked in upper abdomen?    Carbo veg.

154. Flatulence of the entire abdomen?  Cinchona.

155. Remedies having < 4-8 pm ?  Lycopodium, Helleborus, Sabadilla

156.  Remedies having < 4-9 pm ?  Colocynth, Mag phos.

157. Remedies for desire to urinate on seeing running water ? Lyssin, Cantharis, Sulph.

158. Remedies for toothache during pregnancy ?
                           Mag carb, Calcarea carb, Chamomilla, Nux moschata, Puls, Sepia.

159. Remedies which have craving for meat ?  Mag carb, Calcarea phos, Abies Canadensis

160. Remedies having aversion to meat ?
                           Calcarea carb, Carbo veg, Graphites, Muriatic acid, Nitric acid, Pulsatilla, Sepia.

161. Remedy who is chilly but wants to uncover feet ?  Mag carb.

162. Head ache worse 10-11 am -Remedies ?   Nat mur, Mag phos, Gelsemium

163. Remedies for school girl’s headache ?Calc phos, Mag phos, Nat mur, Psorinum, Picric acid.

164. Remedies for < sunset to sunrise ?   Aurum met, Syphilinum.

165. Remedies for head ache > stooping?  Menyanthes, China, Ignatia.

166. Remedies for head ache < stooping?  Belladonna, Bryonia, Nux vom, Spigelia.

167. Remedies for tongue with imprint of teeth?      Mercurius, Chelidonium, Podophyllum, Rhus tox.

168. Remedies for thirstlessness with dry mouth?    Nux moschata, Pulsatilla.

169. Remedies for ulceration of mammae at every menstrual period:Mercurius, Conium, Lac caninum.

170. Remedies for pains which appear and disappear gradually : Platina, Stannum.

171. Remedies for green coloured stools
                                Argentum nitricum, Chamomilla, Gelsemium, Merc dulcis, Mag carb.

172. Remedies for headache from gas light :  Natrum carb, Glonoine, Lachesis

173. Remedies for menses like meat-washings:  Natrum carb, Nitric acid.

174. Remedies for leucorrhoea  like meat-washings:  Cocculus indicus.

175. Cough worse lying on right side:  Ammon mur, Mercurius, Benzoic acid.

176. Remedies for involuntary urination on coughing and laughing
                                Natrum mur, Causticum, Pulsatilla, Scilla, Rumex, Silica

177. Affections of different lobes of lungs in pneumonia-Remedies
Right upper  -  Arsenic alb, Calcarea carb
Right middle -  Medorrhinum, Sanguinaria
Right lower  -  Bryonia, Chelidonium, Kali carb, Lyco, Merc sol.
Left upper   -  Sulphur, Myosotis
Left lower   -  Phosphorus, Natrum sulph.

178. Head ache from pressure of hat-Remedies
                                Calc phos, Natrum, Carbo veg, Nitric acid, Hepar sulph.****

179. Remedies for violent pains after stools , lasting hours:   Nitric acid, Ratanhia, Sulphur.

180. Remedies for diarrhoea from milk:   Aethusa, Mag carb, Mag mur, Sepia, Natrum carb.

181. Remedies for rheumatism of left shoulder:    Ferrum, Nux moschata

182. Remedies for rheumatism of right shoulder:  Sanguinaria.

183. Remedies for oversensitive to external impressions:   Nux vomica, Phosphorus.

184. Remedies for snuffles of infants:    Nux vomica, Ammon carb, Lyco, Lachesis, Sambucus

185. Drugs for want of susceptibility  to remedies:   Opium, Carbo veg, Valeriana, Pyrogen

186. Stools protrude and recede –Remedies:  Opium, Silicea, Thuja.

187. Remedies for gastralgia relieved by eating: Anacardium, Chelidonium, Petroleum, Sepia, Iodum

188. Remedies for diarrhoea in day time only:  Petroleum, Phosphorus.

189. Delirium that parts of body are double-Remedies:  Baptisia, Petroleum.

190. Remedies for < thunderstorm
                     Petroleum, Psorinum, Gelsemium, Rhododendron, Natrum carb, Phosphorus, Sepia.

191. Remedies for < in riding in cars:  Petroleum, Cocculus indicus, Sanicula, Theridion.

192. Head ache from eye-strain or over use of eyes:
                                      Argentum nitricum, Ruta, Natrum mur, Phosphoric acid.

193. Remedies for non debilitating diarrhea: Phosphoric acid, Calcarea carb, Graphites, Pulsatilla

194. Three remedies having burning as an important characterstic:
                                      Arsenic alb, Phosphorus, Sulphur.

195. Odematous conditions of eyelids
Upper lids  -  Kali carb
Lower lids  -  Apis
Both lids   -  Phosphorus

196. Remedies for post operative vomiting
                             Bismuth, Allium Cepa, Nux vom, Phosphorus, Strychnine.

197. Sensation of anus opened in diarrhea:   Apis, Phosphorus, Secale cor.

198. Remedies for graving for cold food and drinks
                            Aconite, Antim tart, Bryonia, Cuprum, Mercurius, Phosphorus, Veratrum album

199. Cough worse lying on left side: Drosera, Phosphorus, Rumex, Stannum.

200. Remedies for Right sided tonsillitis:  Belladonna, Lycopodium, Phytolacca

201. Remedies for Left  sided tonsillitis: Lachesis.

202. Pain radiating from nipples to back while nursing child-Remedy   Croton tig.

203. Pain radiating from nipples to uterus while nursing child-Remedies:  Pulsatilla, Silicea.

204. Remedies for excessive sexual development in Virgins:   Platina, Kali phos.

205. Remedies for head ache relieved by eating
                           Psorinum, Anacardium, Kali phos, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Sanguinaria.

206. Remedies for head ache relieved by nosebleed
                           Melilotus, Psorinum, Ferr phos, Bryonia

207. Hungry , must eat something in the middle of the night –Remedies
                           Psorinum, Cina, Sulphur, Iodum.

208. Remedies for dirty looking skin as if never washed:    Psorinum, Sulphur.

209. Head ache of
Naja -  From (L) temple & (L) orbital region to occiput
Silicea, Sanguinaria  -  From occiput spreads upwards & settles over (R) eye.
Spigelia  -  Pain from frontal eminence & temples to (L) eye.

210. Desire ice creams –remedies: Phosphorus, Calcarea, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Tuberculinum.

211. Back ache relieved by continued motion
                          Rhus tox, Radium brom, Helonias, Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Zinc.

212. Rheumatism following type-writing, piona- playing: Actea racemosa, Ranunculus bulbosus.

213. Rheumatism worse in stormy wet weather
                  Rhus tox, Ranunculus bulbosus, Colchicum, Dulcamara, Rhododendron, Phytolacca.

214. Remedies for post operative gas pains:      Raphanus, Cinchona.

215. Remedies for sexual insomania:   Kali brom, Raphanus.

216. Excruciating pains  after stools-Remedies: Nitric acid, Ratanhia

217. Burning in anus after stools-Remedies:  Ratanhia, Sulphur.

218. Children cry and toss about all night: Psorinum, Rheum, Jalapa.

218b. Children cries all day and sleeps at night:  Lycopodium.  

219. Sensation of testes being crushed-Remedies:   Rhododendron, Aurum, Chamomilla.

220. Remedies for < by first motion > continued motion:     Rhus tox, Calc flour.

221. Remedies for diarrhoea at night: Chelidonium, Pulsatilla, China, Ferrum

222. Remedies for brusied sensation of body parts on which he lies:  Baptisia, Ruta, Pyrogen.

223. Remedies for < from smell of flowers: Sabadilla, Graphites, Allium cepa, Phosphorus.

224. Remedy for throat affections going from left to right
                       Lachesis, Sabadilla, Lac caninum.

225. Remedy for throat affections better by warm food or drinks
                      Arsenic alb, Lycopodium, Rhus tox, Sabadilla.

226. Remedies for craving buttermilk:  Sabadilla, Elaps, Thalspi bursa.

227. Remedies for uterine haemorrhage worst least motion: Sabina, Secale cor, Trillium pendulum

228. Remedy for music causes weeping:   Thuja.

229. Remedies for < from music or intolerance:   Aconite, Natrum carb, Sabina.

230. Remedies for sweating as soon as he closes his eyes:   Cinchona, Conium.

231. Mind of sulphur
P - Philosopher `ragged', even rags seem as fine as silk.
H - Haughty.
I - Indifference to one's own appearance.
L - Lazy, loafs, aversion to business.
O - Opposite of fastidious, dirty, filthy.
S - Selfish.
O - Oversensitive to filthy odours.
P - Psuedocyesis (sensation of something alive in abdomen)
H - Happy dreams, wakes up singing.
E - Egoistic.
R - Religious mania.

232. Head ache every seventh day-Remedies: Sanguinaria, Silicea, Sulphur, Sabadilla.

232b. Head ache every seventh day-Remedies:   Iris.

233. Burning of palms & soles at climateric –Remedies:  Lachesis, Sulphur, Sanguinaria.

234. Remedy for asthma > passing flatus:     Pothos.

235. Remedies for burning soles , must uncover them
                       Lachesis, Sulphur, Sanguinaria, Sanicula, Medorrhinum

236. Remedies for pain at close of urination:Sarsaparilla, Equisetum, Berberis, Medorrhinum, Thuja.

237. Threatened abortion at third month –Remedies
                      Secale cor, Sabina, Actea racemosa, Viburnum opulis.

238. Dread of being alone-Remedies:     Lycopodium, Bismuth, Sepia, Stram.

239. Give remedies for head ache at every menstrual nisus
         Actea racemosa, Crocus, Cyclamen, Glonoine, Natrum mur, Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Sepia.

240. Remedies from complaints from boiled milk: Nux moschata, Sepia.

241. Remedies for nausea at the smell of cooking food: Colchicum, Sepia, Arsenic album

242. Sensation of ball in anus-Remedies:  Lachesis, Sepia.

243. Slow in learning to walk- Remedies:  Calcarea carb, Baryta carb, Silicea.

244. Remedies for ill effects of vaccination:  Silicea, Antim tart, Thuja, Mezereum.

245. Remedies for head ache relieved by profuse urination:    Silicea, Gelsemium.

246. Head ache at sunrise , at its height at noon , declines till sunset-Remedies
                         Spigelia, Natrum mur, Sanguinaria, Tabacum.

247. Tooth ache > while eating:  Spigelia, Plantago.

248. Dyspnoea > lying on (R) side with head high –Remedies:  Spigelia, Cactus, Spongia.
249. Remedies for cough < sweets: Spongia, Argentum nitricum, Kali carb, Medorrhinum, Zinc met

250. Least harmless words offends- Remedies:  Ignatia, Staphysagria.

251. Remedies for recurrent styes leaving behind hard nodosities: Staphysagria, Conium, Thuja.

252. Decay of teeth remedies
At edges  -  Staphysagria
At roots, crowns intact  -  Mezereum, Thuja  
At crowns, roots intact  -  Mercurius

253 Tooth ache during menses –Remedies:  Chamomilla, Staphysagria

254. Remedies for craving tobacco:  Asarum, Carbolic acid, Staphysagria.

255. Remedies for cough excited by or < by tobacco:  Staphysagria, Spongia, Mercurius.

256. Remedies for feeling of fullness at root of nose: Sticta, Nux vom, Kali bich, Sanguinaria.

257. Cough < inspiration:   Spongia, Sticta, Acetic acid

258. Cough < expiration:    Aconite, Causticum.

259. Remedies for loquacity:     Lachesis, Crotalus horridus, Stramonium, Agaricus, Cicuta

260. Hydrophobia-Remedies:     Lyssin, Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Stramonium

261. Convulsion with consciousness:   Stramonium, Nux vomica.

262. Convulsion without consciousness:  Belladonna, Hyoscyamus, Opium, Cicuta.

263. Convulsions renewed by bright light or water-Remedies: Belladonna, Lyssin, Stramonium.

264. Remedies for burning pains:  Arsenic alb, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Apis, Capsicum.

265. Hungry must eat before lunch or dinner-time remedies:  Sulphur, Iodum, Cina.

266. Remedies for stools hard knotty dry as if burnt:   Sulphur, Bryonia.

267. Abscess with bluish of purplish hue remedies:   Lachesis, Tarentula cub, Anthracinum.

268. Abscess with burning pains:  Arsenic alb, Tarentula cub, Anthracinum.

269. Remedies for > rubbing the affected parts
                       Tarentula hisp, Phosphorus, Cantharis, Mag phos, Podophyllum

270. Remedy for swelling above and under the eyes:  Phosphorus.

271. Remedies for psuedocyesis (Sensation of live animal in the abdomen)
                       Crocus sativus, Thuja, Sabina, Sulphur, Nux moschata.

272b. Remedies for headache according to sides
Left sided - Thuja, Natrum mur, Spigelia, Naja, Onosmodium
Right sided - Sanguinaria, Silicea, Radium brom.

273. Remedies for craving sweets:   Argentum nitricum, Lycopodium, Sulphur, Thyroidinum.

274. > letting limbs hang down –Remedies:   Arnica, Conium.

275. Leucorrhoea causes itching –Remedies
                     Ambra grisea, Calcarea carb, China, Kreosote, Mercurius, Sepia, Urtica urens.

276. Sensation as if floating in air-Remedies
                     Asarum, Lac caninum, Valeriana.

277. Sensations of coldness on vertex-Remedies:     Sepia, Veratrum album.

278. Sensation of thread or hair in tongue-REMEDIES:   Natrum mur, Silicea.

279. Mania to cut & tear cloths-Remedies:   Tarentula, Veratrum album.

280. Vomiting of water as soon as it is taken –Remedies:  Veratrum album, Bismuth.

281. Vomiting on least motion-Remedies:  Veratrum album, Tabacum.

282. Desire for stool felt in epigastrium-Remedies:   Ignatia, Veratrum album.

283. Desire for stools felt in rectum-Remedies:     Nux vomica.

284. Aggravation letting limbs hang down-Remedies    ;    Vipera, Pulsatilla.

285. Predominantly right-sided remedies
                       Apis, Arsenic alb, Belladonna, Baptisia, Bryonia, Calcarea cab, Lycopodium,
                       Nux vom, Pulsatilla.

286. Predominantly left-sided remedies
                     Argentum, Cina, Graphites, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Sepia, Silicea, Sulphur.

286. Predominantly hot remedies:      Bryonia, Iodum, Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Sulphur.

286. Predominantly chilly remedies:   Ars alb, Hepar sulph, Nux vom, Psorinum, Silicea.

287. Remedies for avarice:   Arsenic alb, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla, Sepia.

288. Remedies for childish behavior
                   Baryta carb, Cicuta, Apis, Argentum nitricum, Ignatia, Stram.

289. Remedies for foolish behavior
                   Hyoscyamus, Stram, Apis, Arsenic alb, Lycopodium, Mercurius Phos.

290. Standing, stool passes more easily when, Caus.

291.  > Flow of blood from vagina (uterine pains), Lach.

292.  Heat Amelioration burning pains, Caps.

293.  > Warm drinks, Lyc (Aggravation Pho.).

294. > Light; cannot sleep without a light in room, Strm.

295. > Lying on painful side, Bry. (Bel. Aggravation).

296. > External warmth, Ign. (Ars., Hep. "hugs the fire").

297. < Moving, beginning to; rising from a seat, Rhs. (cf. Lyc.)

298.  Noise Aggravation (Vomiting, headache), Ther.

299.  Rest Aggravation. Rhus-t. (Bry. Amelioration).

300. < Wet, getting, esp. when heated, Rhus-t

301.  Grief Aggravation consolation, Nat.m.

302.  Tall slender persons Phos. -with inclination to stoop, Sulph

Source: J.T.Kent’s Repertory
by Karuppiah.S